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Am găsit 9 definiții pentru Trundle:

Trundle - v. i. A round body; a little wheel.

Trundle - v. i. A lind of low-wheeled cart; a truck.

Trundle - v. i. A motion as of something moving upon little wheels or rollers; a rolling motion.

Trundle - v. i. A lantern wheel. See under Lantern.

Trundle - v. i. One of the bars of a lantern wheel.

Trundle - v. t. To roll (a thing) on little wheels; as, to trundle a bed or a gun carriage.

Trundle - v. t. To cause to roll or revolve; to roll along; as, to trundle a hoop or a ball.

Trundle - v. i. To go or move on small wheels; as, a bed trundles under another.

Trundle - v. i. To roll, or go by revolving, as a hoop.