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Am găsit 6 definiții pentru Poison:

Poison - n. Any agent which, when introduced into the animal organism, is capable of producing a morbid, noxious, or deadly effect upon it; as, morphine is a deadly poison; the poison of pestilential diseases.

Poison - n. That which taints or destroys moral purity or health; as, the poison of evil example; the poison of sin.

Poison - n. To put poison upon or into; to infect with poison; as, to poison an arrow; to poison food or drink.

Poison - n. To injure or kill by poison; to administer poison to.

Poison - n. To taint; to corrupt; to vitiate; as, vice poisons happiness; slander poisoned his mind.

Poison - v. i. To act as, or convey, a poison.