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Am găsit 9 definiții pentru Jumper:

Jumper - n. One who, or that which, jumps.

Jumper - n. A long drilling tool used by masons and quarrymen.

Jumper - n. A rude kind of sleigh; -- usually, a simple box on runners which are in one piece with the poles that form the thills.

Jumper - n. The larva of the cheese fly. See Cheese fly, under Cheese.

Jumper - n. A name applied in the 18th century to certain Calvinistic Methodists in Wales whose worship was characterized by violent convulsions.

Jumper - n. spring to impel the star wheel, also a pawl to lock fast a wheel, in a repeating timepiece.

Jumper - n. A loose upper garment

Jumper - n. A sort of blouse worn by workmen over their ordinary dress to protect it.

Jumper - n. A fur garment worn in Arctic journeys.