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Am găsit 8 definiții pentru Involve:

Involve - v. t. To roll or fold up; to wind round; to entwine.

Involve - v. t. To envelop completely; to surround; to cover; to hide; to involve in darkness or obscurity.

Involve - v. t. To complicate or make intricate, as in grammatical structure.

Involve - v. t. To connect with something as a natural or logical consequence or effect; to include necessarily; to imply.

Involve - v. t. To take in; to gather in; to mingle confusedly; to blend or merge.

Involve - v. t. To envelop, infold, entangle, or embarrass; as, to involve a person in debt or misery.

Involve - v. t. To engage thoroughly; to occupy, employ, or absorb.

Involve - v. t. To raise to any assigned power; to multiply, as a quantity, into itself a given number of times; as, a quantity involved to the third or fourth power.